Views after the typhoon Soudelor

Pictures taken inside the campus of NTHU


Chowmein, Chaomian

We all love fast food at some point of time. And when it comes to fast food, it is hard to resist the Chinese fast food. It is such a delight to tummy after all. I think that it can be found almost in any country (of course if that is not an anti-China country). Chinese fried noodles are famous as Chowmein in many parts of world. Being in India, these can be found in many parts with taste varying from dull to spicy. Till the time I came to Taiwan, I knew them as Chowmein thinking that there is no certain meaning behind this word.

Once in my last semester, when I was studying Chinese and was discussing something with my friend, then I came to know that the modified word Chowmein is actually derived from Chaomian. In Chinese, Chao means fried and Mian stands for noodles. So, it actually is Chaomian in Chinese and while it is exported to somewhere else, it becomes Chowmein. I wonder why? Not only the name, I have found that the style of cooking these fried noodles is different. Indian Chowmein usually is very spicy while on the other hand, Taiwanese Chaomian is a bit sober in taste. It could be different in other countries where noodles are included in restaurant’s menus.

Are you a Chinese fast food lover? Do you like Chowmein or Chaomian? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Day Three: Yehliu Geopark

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This is the last day of our trip. After the morning hike, as we reached hostel, luckily other people were planning to go to Yehliu too and we caught up along with them. We left the hostel around 10.30 AM and grabbed some breakfast and took the bus to go to Keelung. Here is the detailed journey:

After we were finished with Yehliu, we thought that we could spare some time to go to Tamsui (Danshu), but the bus took around 1.5 hours to get there and it was already quite dark. So, rightaway we took MRT from Tamsui to Taipei and got back to Hsinchu.

Day Three: Tai’An Waterfall

This is the next morning. Luckily I got enough rest at night and unluckily, I overslept. I wanted to wake up before 6 to go to this nearby mild hiking place where we have read a signboard of a waterfall. Anyway, we woke up around 6 .30 and quickly prepared ourselves to go to this little destination instead of wasting a pretty morning on bed.

For me as a tiny traveller, I prefer to do something specially in the morning time. This place was near to the hostel we were staying in. It has a pretty scenic view with a peace and solitude offering environment in the early morning.

Night Two: Keelung Night Market

We are now in a bus from Heping Island and heading towards Keelung Night Market (Cheelung Ye Shi would be the name in Chinese if you wanna ask somebody). I was pretty hungry by now as I had not had anything in my lunch because I was roaming and wandering all over. Night market is a perfect place to feed yourself 😀

This market is not as big as you would expect but it has a lot of foods and things for you. I have always loved that many different variety of food, activities are maintained in Taiwanese night markets no matter it is big or small. This night market ends our tiring day and we headed back to our hostel. Because I had planned to go to a nearby waterfall for mild hiking and to see the beautiful morning.

Day Two: Heping Island (Heping Dao)

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We left Yilan around 1PM to get into the train from Yilan to Qidu where our next hostel was located. I would really love to mention about this hostel first of all. Amy and Ann (staff) were extremely friendly and resourceful. They told about every nearby destination and what should be taken care of during our visit. We reached Qidu around 2.30PM and Ann was there to pick us. After taking a little rest, we set on our next destination, Heping Island. It is not really an island if you are thinking that way, it is connected with Keelung city by a bridge of around 100m in length. Since we had Chinese people with us, we did not bother to ask people about the bus numbers. We take bus 402 from Qidu to Keelung and bus 101 from Keelung to Heping Dao (Chinese name of Heping Island) as I remember. From the bus stop, after walking for some distance, we were at the main gate of Heping Dao. Students can have discounted tickets of 40NTD while the regular ticket costs 60NTD.

As the clock hit 6PM, we were already outside this park. I guess this is the thing about Taiwan. It has some places extremely close to nature where you can find some time for yourself in solitude. I would highly recommend this place to go at afternoon till the evening. I am pretty sure that these pictures could convince you more than my words.

Guess what could be our next stop if it is almost night now? NIGHT MARKET! Let’s go.

Day Two: Su’ao Cold Water Spring

Taiwan has a lot of hot springs but when it comes to cold springs, there are only two of them in this WORLD. Correct me if I am wrong. One of them is in Europe while the other one is on the little island. Since I was in Yilan county, by no chance I could have missed this opportunity to go to such a unique place. Next morning, we headed to Su’ao (Yes the name is Su’ao cold spring) from Yilan train station and the journey was merely half an hour.

To sum it all, it is a decent place to go and have some time to relax in really cold water. Private pool is good enough for two people at a time while public pools are cleaner than you can think of. It could be an ideal family place as it maintains a sweet serenity inside. We spent around two and a half hour in this place till we were all fully satisfied and headed on to eat something. This was my journey of two days and one night in Yilan: Fulong, Luodong and Su’ao. My next stop from Yilan was Keelung about which I am gonna post in a while.