Views after the typhoon Soudelor

Pictures taken inside the campus of NTHU


Forces and their unification

There are four forces known that govern everything in this cosmos. Gravity, electromagnetic, strong and the weak force. We usually only feel the first two because the last two are responsible for activities at atomic level. Like the beautiful mass-energy equivalence given by Einstein, people believe that there should be a simple mathematical equation which can constitute all of these fundamental forces and that is how a unified theory can be achieved. However it has not been yet done. I have been quite amused by the symmetry that exists in many parts of nature. If I talk about mathematics, when I used to solve the maxima and minima problems, they usually occurred at symmetry. In physics, Newton’s third law is a beautiful example of how symmetry exists. This symmetry, this simplicity, has always been a thing of pondering for me. I also have this hope that no matter how complex one system is, it’s governing equations could be extremely simple.

Science is a beautiful subject. But sometimes, when it is expressed too scientifically, it becomes difficult to understand even for scientists themselves. Its language should be simple so that people could know it. Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone. This quotation of Einstein completely explains it well. But if science is this beautiful, then there should be a unification of these forces, after all these independent entities are keeping this cosmos together. We may not get this unified theory so soon. It may or may not exists. But if it exists and if we are able to find it, that would be a much greater example of how this cosmos which looks so complex, is yet so simple.

Day Three: Tai’An Waterfall

This is the next morning. Luckily I got enough rest at night and unluckily, I overslept. I wanted to wake up before 6 to go to this nearby mild hiking place where we have read a signboard of a waterfall. Anyway, we woke up around 6 .30 and quickly prepared ourselves to go to this little destination instead of wasting a pretty morning on bed.

For me as a tiny traveller, I prefer to do something specially in the morning time. This place was near to the hostel we were staying in. It has a pretty scenic view with a peace and solitude offering environment in the early morning.

Day one: Fulong Beach

Taiwan usually don’t have a lot of holidays, but I was lucky enough this time to get it such that I had a really long weekend, from Friday to Monday and I want to take the best out of it. I had planned for Kenting at the beginning but couldn’t make it because of already rushed crowd who had booked all the cheap hotels in which a poor guy like me likes to stay LOL.

This is when I thought about the other part of Taiwan which I hadn’t explored yet: North-East. With an extremely mesmerizing ocean view, NE Taiwan has a lot of places to go for. We started our journey by taking a bus to Taipei from Hsinchu and moved on to Yilan from Taipei.

We had booked a YHA hostel in Yilan but because the check in time was 3PM and we were too impatient to just wait there, we cut our three bags in one and headed on to Fulong. Yilan to Fulong journey takes about 40 minutes, depending on the type of train you are travelling on. It is while this journey, you can get a glimpse of ocean as the railway line is laid down along the coast.

After reaching here, we went to their visitor centre to check about the tourist spots there while knowing that we are here for the waters and the beach. It is quite a small town but naturally very beautiful. All the places can be covered by foot however the weather could play a critical part if you want to go here as most of the places are directly under the sun and sky.

We spent around four or five decent hours around the waters and headed back to the train station to eat some noodles and got a ticket for the next destination,

P.S. Fulong beach has a sculpture festival which is usually around May-July. So I can suggest this as the best time to be here, but if you want some time in solitude, any time across the year is good to be close to nature. Come with your swim wears and beach stuff to make it the best.

Turning back

Before me, I was watching a mesmerizing view,
a view capable enough to let my eyes glue.
A view of the hill with trees all around,
with chirping birds as the only sound.

I turned back to see what was there,
I saw big machines, I saw big parts of spare,
devastating the beautiful view that my eyes once had,
and killing it, making my heart terribly sad.

‘Cause of it, I couldn’t stop myself to turn back again,
I saw people dying due to hunger and pain,
one was feeding on her wife, and the other had his brother,
may be it was the only way to satisfy hunger.

When I came to senses, then I remember the time,
when even plucking a flower was considered a crime,
now there is no need to tell any story,
when plants and vegetation had been in history.

There was no way, other than to accept the pain,
so I didn’t dare to turn back again.

Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain), Taipei

Along with Yangmingshan, about which I posted last week, we spent the rest of our day hiking Xiangshan. It is easily accessible thorough Taipei MRT and not very troublesome to go to. However, once you reach there, then you do realize that the actual trouble has not yet started. With a long stair array, Xiangshan provides a damn good view of Taipei city as you keep going on the top. While coming back, I tried to count the stairs, but I forgot counting while clicking pictures though I remember my last count was 278.

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I hope these photos are good enough to give you an idea about the beauty of this marvelous place. Spare an evening and pay a visit. It is worth all the discomfort and time.

Yangmingshan, February 28, 2015

Yangmingshan is a scenic natural park in Taipei area. It is one of the place to go and just relax amid the beauty of nature that it provides. Besides the natural beauty, it offers a mild experience of trekking along the way. Though it is really big and I could only cover a little part of it during the day.

Azaleas, cherry blossoms is one thing that makes this place extremely suitable for eyes and soul. These little pink flowers among the greenery makes the view so perfect and calm that if I could wish, I’d be here for forever. I think it is better that the photos should speak themselves and I’d be quiet for a moment here. Have a look!

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My journey to this place was not for too long, yet I had a pretty awesome time. I recommend this place highly if you come to Taiwan to visit some good places. It is a good place to spend time with your friends, family and even alone. There is nothing beautiful than the beauty of nature and Yangmingshan truly reflects it.