One last time

One last time,

I need to be the one who takes you home.


What can I give?

An email shows up in my mailbox last week:

My university teacher, also my dear friend passed away recently. I received many books from his collection and they are placed on the third floor. Please feel free to take as many as you want.

Recently, I have developed a keen interest in reading, though my domain is very limited. Still, I went on the third floor to find two cartons of books lying on a table near the elevator. Mostly, they were about mathematics, general science, evolution, astronomy and later on artificial intelligence, computer science. Being curious about space and stuff, I picked up a few and left for my office. On the way, something clicked inside me. I somehow felt connected to the owner of those books. I realised that he must have been a very active reader throughout his life, wondering things about the past (evolution) to that of future (AI, computers, astronomy). Even though he is not here, but the books that I’ve taken along will always remind me that they were unintentionally given by him. What he must have cherished all through his life is still going to make a difference in lives of people like me. Unfortunately, I can not thank him, but it goes without saying. It makes me question myself: what can I give? What can I give selflessly when I’m alive and even beyond?

Books are definitely the first thing that pops into my head, but the question is more important, and deep. The more I ponder on it, the more I question myself. I am not a giver I think, but I wish to spread what I know, maybe that’s an act of giving? We might think that if we keep on giving, then we may not get what we want at the end. But the experience and wisdom of many old (and wise) men have always pointed to the fact that we feel most fulfilled during this act of giving (This has been beautifully portrayed in the book “What can I give” about the former Indian President and Missile Man, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, I can not cite anything better). If you’re reading this, I want you to ask yourself the same thing and if any answers come your way, please, I really mean it, please share with all of us.

Goodbye 2015: My way

So! One more year of our lives¬†is about to pass by! Just like every other year, I am sure that your 2015 must had been a book of mixed feelings, experiences, both good and bad and more importantly, memories. We all in fact strive to make¬†good memories out of time. And before this year officially comes to an end, I’ve tried to create one more memory out of¬†it, and I would call it my way to bid goodbye to the awesome year 2015 was.

Actually, this idea hit my mind last night until I modified it today. Quite fast eh? After coming back from lab late at night, I told¬†myself that the year is about to end, and it would be great to have one last running session before it ends. I was wondering whether to change in my running shoes or in the night wears. Luckily, I didn’t hit the road straightaway otherwise it could not have been possible. It was only while having lunch today, I asked myself, if I’m going to have a last run, why not run 15k for 2015? What could be better than that to remember it this way?¬†Running 15k¬†is not impossible for me that I knew¬†because¬†I’ve had runs of up to 13k last month.

So I hit the track in the evening. I started with a good warm-up and headed on for a soft start. 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, it was going all fine. I was trying to maintain a pace of 5 min/km otherwise I know that keeping on the track for a long time could be boring like hell, believe me! On 5k,a thought crossed my mind. “It’s good enough. Can’t you feel your legs shaking? Take rest now. You have plans for tomorrow morning”¬†But I told myself no! Not now. I swept another kilometer and when I reached 9k, I heard my brain talking,¬†“9k is pretty good. 44 minutes 18 seconds. This is your best so far. Let’s make this a record and continue training later”¬†I was thinking to stop for while but then I realized that I’ve already came more than the half way, now it’s a matter of few kilometers.¬†Can’t you even do 6k now?¬†I heard the right voice, slowed down a bit so as to make my body to cope-up with the wind. Once I hit 11k, then I started the countdown. At that time, my average pace had gone down to 5:12 min/km and I wanted the original pace back. In the last two laps, I gave it all so as to maintain the average speed. With every step, I was feeling that I am about to do what I thought of!¬†And that feeling was incredible!¬†I completed 15k in ¬†an hour and 15 minutes. So much of 15 to end¬†2015!

I am really thankful that I can run. There are a lot of small things in¬†our lives which we don’t realize until they are gone. My love for running increased more after I had my knee injury. Small things like this make a lot of difference in our life once we act on them. Cherish every damn single thing you have!

And here is my running record:


I hope you had a great year of 2015! Don’t forget to share your adventures ūüôā

BWF World Championships 2015

So far the world has seen all the quarterfinals of BWF WC 2015. It has been really an amazing tournament so far. With the return of my fav. Lee Chong Wei, I really expect to see him winning this year.

Though this time, Indians shuttlers have disappointed me a little. May be, because I had my hopes high. If I talk about Men, eliminations started from Kashyap through Kidambi and then finally, Prannoy. I had my expectations most with Kidambi. I was counting on him till the moment the score board showed 22-21 but the next instant, it was all over. I really wanted him to win as in that case, he would be taking up Lee Chong Wei and I really wanted to see that happen. Even though Prannoy lost against Axelsen, he really gave him a tough fight and in turn, Axelsen, the very next day, lost in an even more intense battle with the second set being won by Chen Long by 30-29. You can imagine! He surely would be most disappointed. Considering the very famous rivalry of Chong Wei and Lin Dan, fans (and I) were expecting to see a clash between these two stars. But Jorgensen put an end to Lin (surprisingly in straight two sets).

Indian women have surely done better. All the Indians that stormed into the quarterfinals were women. Saina, Sindhu and the duo of Gutta and Ponappa. Sindhu, who had defeated Li Xuerui (top Chinese player) in her previous match got eliminated by the Korean Sung Ji Hyun. Had she been won, there was a chance that for the first time, two Indian women could compete for a gold. Though it is not gonna be easy for Hyun as she is gonna take the World No. 1 Spanish Carolina Marin. Gutta and Ponappa were really good in their last match but as they say, the better one wins. I could not see them live, so I can’t say much about them. Saina on the other hand, had a really tough battle with the Chinese Wang Yihan to get into the semis for the first time in her life. No doubt that Wang gave her everything. She lifted every body smash that Saina put on her and surprisingly took most of the points in their long rallies.¬†But as the game theory says, there has to¬†be a winner and in the third set, Saina just pulled off the crucial points at the most crucial time and it is after 1980, that there would be no Chinese competing in the women’s singles semifinals.¬†Tomorrow will bring the semifinals and Saina would be taking on Fanetri who beat Taiwanese Tzu Ying Tai after losing the first set. Though Fanetri is unseeded player but she has shown her capability by successfully taking on world no. 4.

Tomorrow will bring a lot of thrill as Lee Chong wei takes on Jan O Jorgensen while on the other side, Chen long will be dealing with Japanese Kento Momota. Fight for the finals is always difficult and let’s see whose stars are gonna shine.