Day Two: Su’ao Cold Water Spring

Taiwan has a lot of hot springs but when it comes to cold springs, there are only two of them in this WORLD. Correct me if I am wrong. One of them is in Europe while the other one is on the little island. Since I was in Yilan county, by no chance I could have missed this opportunity to go to such a unique place. Next morning, we headed to Su’ao (Yes the name is Su’ao cold spring) from Yilan train station and the journey was merely half an hour.

To sum it all, it is a decent place to go and have some time to relax in really cold water. Private pool is good enough for two people at a time while public pools are cleaner than you can think of. It could be an ideal family place as it maintains a sweet serenity inside. We spent around two and a half hour in this place till we were all fully satisfied and headed on to eat something. This was my journey of two days and one night in Yilan: Fulong, Luodong and Su’ao. My next stop from Yilan was Keelung about which I am gonna post in a while.


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