Mobile Apps

HEY! I am not much of an app developer yet in any way, I would love to let people stay up to date with my writings. I personally think that these APPs are quite fast to give anyone access to something in particular. That is why I have created applications for my blog, I really won’t say I developed them. So if you are a proud Android or Windows Phone user, I would invite you to try them. I have put them on my dropbox.

1. Android APP: This is a nice looking simple app which will give you category wise posts as well as the complete list of posts. It is an easy to read-on-mobile app. You just need to download and install the .apk file. THAT EASY!

2. Windows Phone APP: For WP, the app will let you see a little about the recent posts however not completely on phone. You will be redirected to the blog to read the complete post. I feel bad because I own a WP as well, but I can not really find a solution to it. I have given a READ ME file on my dropbox because installing this app is a 2-step process. Sounds tedious yeah? But it is just a matter of hardly a minute.

I would love your feedback and comments on these apps. Thanks in advance.



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