Mountain and me

I see a mountain, tall and strong, It scares me because I could fall
But my eyes could see its pointy top, And I will try so I shall hop

As I begin, I could see no path, But as I search, I make my own
Sometimes it leads me right, but sometimes it is terribly wrong

I move along but I feel that the mountain doesn’t want me to
Not only It hurts me physically as I go, but mentally too.

I often think of giving up and weaving my way back to the base
but as I look up to the top, I decide yet again to stay in the race.

As I reach closer to the top, I feel a different energy inside
because the distance I had come so far can not be hide

As soon as I step on the top with the mountain under my feet
My hands held high in the sky with my heart smiling at every beat.


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