• Taken from Transcendence by Dr. Abdul Kalam (with Arun Tiwari)


On a dark lost path
My light shone over you
Yet that is not who I am

During these happy days
you couldn’t find me around
But I was smiling there

On those coldest nights
when you wanted me the most
And I turned my face away

I am meant to be like this
to come and to go,
to shine that is not mine,
to love yet to stay far.

During this entire life
for as long as you live
I would look over you
selflessly, endlessly

Mountain and me

I see a mountain, tall and strong, It scares me because I could fall
But my eyes could see its pointy top, And I will try so I shall hop

As I begin, I could see no path, But as I search, I make my own
Sometimes it leads me right, but sometimes it is terribly wrong

I move along but I feel that the mountain doesn’t want me to
Not only It hurts me physically as I go, but mentally too.

I often think of giving up and weaving my way back to the base
but as I look up to the top, I decide yet again to stay in the race.

As I reach closer to the top, I feel a different energy inside
because the distance I had come so far can not be hide

As soon as I step on the top with the mountain under my feet
My hands held high in the sky with my heart smiling at every beat.

Smile, cry and life

(As you enter the world)
The first sound you make is a cry,
though the whole world smiles.
All you have is a teary face,
when they have a glitter in their eyes.

(As you meet people while growing up)
Some smile in your happy moments
and some smile when you are in pain.
To some, you are a smile in their life,
and some want your smile to drain.

(As you approach to the end)
While you lay silently on the deathbed,
there are cries and there are smiles.
Either of the two could outweigh the other,
it all depends the way you have lived life.