Chowmein, Chaomian

We all love fast food at some point of time. And when it comes to fast food, it is hard to resist the Chinese fast food. It is such a delight to tummy after all. I think that it can be found almost in any country (of course if that is not an anti-China country). Chinese fried noodles are famous as Chowmein in many parts of world. Being in India, these can be found in many parts with taste varying from dull to spicy. Till the time I came to Taiwan, I knew them as Chowmein thinking that there is no certain meaning behind this word.

Once in my last semester, when I was studying Chinese and was discussing something with my friend, then I came to know that the modified word Chowmein is actually derived from Chaomian. In Chinese, Chao means fried and Mian stands for noodles. So, it actually is Chaomian in Chinese and while it is exported to somewhere else, it becomes Chowmein. I wonder why? Not only the name, I have found that the style of cooking these fried noodles is different. Indian Chowmein usually is very spicy while on the other hand, Taiwanese Chaomian is a bit sober in taste. It could be different in other countries where noodles are included in restaurant’s menus.

Are you a Chinese fast food lover? Do you like Chowmein or Chaomian? Let us know in the comments 🙂