Day one: Fulong Beach

Taiwan usually don’t have a lot of holidays, but I was lucky enough this time to get it such that I had a really long weekend, from Friday to Monday and I want to take the best out of it. I had planned for Kenting at the beginning but couldn’t make it because of already rushed crowd who had booked all the cheap hotels in which a poor guy like me likes to stay LOL.

This is when I thought about the other part of Taiwan which I hadn’t explored yet: North-East. With an extremely mesmerizing ocean view, NE Taiwan has a lot of places to go for. We started our journey by taking a bus to Taipei from Hsinchu and moved on to Yilan from Taipei.

We had booked a YHA hostel in Yilan but because the check in time was 3PM and we were too impatient to just wait there, we cut our three bags in one and headed on to Fulong. Yilan to Fulong journey takes about 40 minutes, depending on the type of train you are travelling on. It is while this journey, you can get a glimpse of ocean as the railway line is laid down along the coast.

After reaching here, we went to their visitor centre to check about the tourist spots there while knowing that we are here for the waters and the beach. It is quite a small town but naturally very beautiful. All the places can be covered by foot however the weather could play a critical part if you want to go here as most of the places are directly under the sun and sky.

We spent around four or five decent hours around the waters and headed back to the train station to eat some noodles and got a ticket for the next destination,

P.S. Fulong beach has a sculpture festival which is usually around May-July. So I can suggest this as the best time to be here, but if you want some time in solitude, any time across the year is good to be close to nature. Come with your swim wears and beach stuff to make it the best.


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