Day Two: Heping Island (Heping Dao)

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We left Yilan around 1PM to get into the train from Yilan to Qidu where our next hostel was located. I would really love to mention about this hostel first of all. Amy and Ann (staff) were extremely friendly and resourceful. They told about every nearby destination and what should be taken care of during our visit. We reached Qidu around 2.30PM and Ann was there to pick us. After taking a little rest, we set on our next destination, Heping Island. It is not really an island if you are thinking that way, it is connected with Keelung city by a bridge of around 100m in length. Since we had Chinese people with us, we did not bother to ask people about the bus numbers. We take bus 402 from Qidu to Keelung and bus 101 from Keelung to Heping Dao (Chinese name of Heping Island) as I remember. From the bus stop, after walking for some distance, we were at the main gate of Heping Dao. Students can have discounted tickets of 40NTD while the regular ticket costs 60NTD.

As the clock hit 6PM, we were already outside this park. I guess this is the thing about Taiwan. It has some places extremely close to nature where you can find some time for yourself in solitude. I would highly recommend this place to go at afternoon till the evening. I am pretty sure that these pictures could convince you more than my words.

Guess what could be our next stop if it is almost night now? NIGHT MARKET! Let’s go.


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