The last four days… (Very Short)

…I have not been running. In the words of Rocky Balboa, I’ve been a lazy bum!

Paulie: Shut your freakin’ mouth. You been keepin’ me down!
Rocky: Down? You know, you’re like a crazy brother to me, Paulie, you really are. So I’m gonna tell ya something and I want you to listen because I really mean this. You ain’t down. And you ain’t even a loser. You’re just a jealous, lazy bum.

Ok Rocky, I get it but I’m definitely not Paulie. He’s much cooler than I am.

Monday I did some bike-ride as the new phone holder I had ordered from eBay arrived just in the evening so I was excited to give it a try. I am not much of a rider but I can ride for half an hour without dying. Since my right shin was still feeling a bit problematic, I insisted not to run on Monday anyway.

Then came the Tuesday. Again, I din’t go for a run. My shin felt better but I couldn’t spare the time out. I woke up at 5, did some yoga and exercise and left for my class. In the evening, again, I was a lazy bum.

Finally on the wicked Wednesday. I was JUST going to go for a run and taste the wild winter but it started raining drips and drops so I stayed home. I didn’t want myself to catch cold but I know that’s more of an excuse. I’m repeatedly asking myself to listen to my body, but that’s just another excuse now. Shins are now shining with fresh blood (from inside, not from outside).

And today is Thursday where I’m planning to ride bike to go to badminton court, play a couple of shots (and a couple more) and ride back home. I’d be feeling good about it.

I know what is right today and I know what to do. I’ll tell myself once again that it’s never too late to do the right thing and I’ll do it. I’ll be a stronger and better person today, not tomorrow. Because today is all I have 🙂  


Week 4 Training

So, this week, not only I trained, I also got my new Surface Pro 4. So, I’d show that off 😀

Week 4

I’ve pretty much put down everything that I ran this week. The total mileage I penned down was 46k and I am glad about it because my goal was 45k. Next week, I am gonna raise the bar to run a 50. Other than this, I am trying to include more body-weight exercise on my non-running days to make my upper-body and core stronger. Have a story to share? Please feel free to put down the link in comments 🙂

Week 3 Training Log

The past two weeks, I’d run 25 and 35 km so to build up on it, this week I had planned to run 40 km.

Monday: I stayed home this Monday rather than going to the university. Good decision I must say! Weather was perfect to stay home and to take a nap! And to go on a run after that. I headed out at 1 PM for a 50 minute run along the nearby trail. By the time I was back home, I had made 9.5k under my feet. It felt great after the run, I was feeling pretty strong (probably because of the good rest I did last Sunday).

Wednesday: Track time! Last week, I had done 8 times 100m on, 100m off. This week, I aimed for longer sprints. I changed that to 8 times 200m on, 200, off. This way, not only I maintained the speed for longer times, I also covered more distance. I was tired after 4 sets so during 5th to 8th sets, I changed it to 200m on + 100m walk + 100m off (jog). I felt great after the workout was over, I felt accomplished. Though there had been a tweak in my original plan, but I didn’t mind that because I finished what I had started.

Friday: Recovery time! Easy paced run for some 35-40 minutes was what I had thought. Since last week I changed it to a tempo run which affected me the next day, so I kept it fairly easier this Friday. I took short quick strides during the entire run to keep my pace low, but also to keep my cadence not so low. By the time I was home, I had run around a loop of 6.5k which was more than enough for me to call it a great Friday night!

Saturday: I had kicked myself out of the home at 6 in the morning. It was dark but I was determined. I had the route and the only thing on my mind was to keep going for the next 15k. It started raining (lightly) after some 10 minutes so I thought to head back home because I was running with my non-waterproof phone but I insisted running thinking that maybe I could find a polythene bag or something from somewhere on the way, but I won’t stop (crazy, eh?) thankfully it stopped raining. So I kept going. Cyclists passed by me, a couple of runners crossed me in the opposite direction. And I kept going. By the time it was dawn, I had come back home after a run of 1:22 hours. I was glad that I had make it without killing myself.

Next week, I am thinking to increase the distance of this long run by altering my route. I am not sure of the total weekly mileage yet but definitely, it would not be lesser than 45 because now, my feet feel just fine hovering over the mother earth for longer times.

My profile on strava:

WFLWR Training Log – Week 2

Last week, I decided that instead of writing training posts on a daily basis, I better combine them into a weekly log. For this week, my goal was to achieve 35k of mileage which was almost 40% more than the last week’s i.e. 26k. I knew I could do it because I had skipped a run last week.

Monday: On Mondays, I do a easy to moderate pace run. Last week, I ran for 45 minutes and so this week, I capped 5 minutes. Nothing too much! I had thought of a running route beforehand which was just enough long to put me back home right on time. However, I missed a street marker in between and ended up somewhere else. Although, I had a sense of direction in which I should be heading, I still confirmed it by asking a lady walking in the streets. I actually liked this feeling of running with no rigid route. I’ve always loved running on new streets so perhaps, this run was meant to give me the same feeling. My final stats were 48 minutes of running (8.8k).

These inverted peaks are where I stopped, to find myself the correct route, which mostly I didn’t. At 41 minute mark, I asked the lady.

Wednesday: Now this is a special day to me. It’s the track time. I run up to the track, exhaust myself there and run back. This running back and forth usually requires 15 minutes in each direction and so I have a sense of how much time I should spend on track. Last week, I did 5 sets of 100m fast accompanied with 300m jog. So, this week I wanted to make this harder. And at the same time, I did not want to increase the mileage (or time) significantly. I ended up doing still 5 sets of, 100m fast followed by 100m walk. This allowed me to effectively run half a lap as compared to quarter a lap the week before. As I got back home, I’d run 7.4k in 44 minutes.

You can see the laps around the track, right?

Friday: My schedule says that on Friday, I should have a recovery run. Now I know why it is important. Because I have a long run the next day (at least that’s what I think). If I don’t include this run, I’ll have a two days gap until Saturday. So, this run prepares me for the long run the next day. But I messed it up. I changed this recovery run into a tempo run because of lack of time. I couldn’t even cool myself down after the run (so I was a bit scared that my tender body might collapse). Anyway, I ended up running 5.25k in 28 minutes and most of it was under 5-min-km pace. I’ll seriously recover next week.

Saturday: My favourite. I love long runs. It allows me to stay on my feet for long times and to explore a lot of places. I extended the route on which I ran last week. Also, instead of running on the walk-way, I ran on a trail which runs besides it the whole time. Running on a trail is wonderful. Surrounded by trees, it doesn’t feel like I am running around any urban traffic. Before the run, I didn’t intake anything, no carbs, no water. I wanted my body to stay away from carbs on these longer runs, so that if needed, it could learn to extract energy from fat stores, which in my case must be abundant. However, during the run, I had diluted coconut water to keep me hydrated as well as, as a minor source of sugars. By the time I stopped my watch, I had logged 14.2k (thereby completing my weekly goal) in 1:22 hours. Though the pace wasn’t great, but I don’t mind it.

Route: Extended down the Black Rock

Final summary of the week as recorded in my diary, including the morning walks, is:


Please do not comment on my bad handwriting 😀


For the next week, my target is 40k (including the same long run as this week, maybe 15k). I want to make my body re-familiar with longer distances, but without a lot of carbs.


Training Log – Week 1 Day 3

Wednesday = Speed Training.

Well, not really for the first week. According to the training “schedule” it was meant to be a easy-pace run with some pick-ups but I converted that to 100 m sprints (I wanted to know how would I match up against Usain Bolt with my earphones on, but I had no idea how badly it would go).

I followed the same set of rules: warmed up for some 15 mins with easy-pace on the road en-route to the track, 5 times (100 m sprint followed by 300 m easy-pace) and then a easy-pace back home.100m

It turned out that my max. speed pace during those sprints is somewhere around 3 min/km which makes 100 m sprint in 18 seconds (if I assume that I am holding that pace throughout the 100 meters and I am also cheating on the fact that I did not start from a zero-pace start line, I was already moving at the start). So, by the time Bolt would get a gold, I’d hardly be halfway. that’s a bad defeat. But anyway! My target is to be faster and not to beat anyone in particular.

In my perception, speed-training gives an idea to the body and to the mind about how it feels like to go faster. Obviously, it feels terrible while I do it this way i.e. all of a sudden, but if carried out over a period of time, slowly and progressively, it is wonderful. Your legs would take to new places faster. Well, it could be just around the track in less than a minute, but you get the idea. the whole run can be found here:

Running Log – 4 Mar 17

Distance: 6.48k

Time: 0:35:52

Course: Mostly grass, some concrete

I thought I’d go for a Saturday morning run, but I got up really late. Didn’t want to go to parkrun because it is far and that’s a good enough excuse. I woke up at around 9, and I was out for the run very soon at around 9:30.

It was hot, so I went to a nearby park because they have a water tap and I don’t really like running holding a water bottle when I’m on anything longer than 30 minutes. Till the park, I was running with my shoes on. I slipped them off to feel the cold grass (it is AMAZING), I kept looping around the park till I felt good. My core felt weaker, my stomach was in a bit of pain and that made me realize that I am not doing any core training which I MUST do. Overall, I felt good and I listened to my body. Next week on wards, I will focus on my core-strength training and I’ll try to make my running schedule more systematic and consistent. I’ll also be training for Wings For Life World Run which is in May and I want to be in my best shape when it starts.

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