WFLWR Training Log – Week 2

Last week, I decided that instead of writing training posts on a daily basis, I better combine them into a weekly log. For this week, my goal was to achieve 35k of mileage which was almost 40% more than the last week’s i.e. 26k. I knew I could do it because I had skipped a run last week.

Monday: On Mondays, I do a easy to moderate pace run. Last week, I ran for 45 minutes and so this week, I capped 5 minutes. Nothing too much! I had thought of a running route beforehand which was just enough long to put me back home right on time. However, I missed a street marker in between and ended up somewhere else. Although, I had a sense of direction in which I should be heading, I still confirmed it by asking a lady walking in the streets. I actually liked this feeling of running with no rigid route. I’ve always loved running on new streets so perhaps, this run was meant to give me the same feeling. My final stats were 48 minutes of running (8.8k).

These inverted peaks are where I stopped, to find myself the correct route, which mostly I didn’t. At 41 minute mark, I asked the lady.

Wednesday: Now this is a special day to me. It’s the track time. I run up to the track, exhaust myself there and run back. This running back and forth usually requires 15 minutes in each direction and so I have a sense of how much time I should spend on track. Last week, I did 5 sets of 100m fast accompanied with 300m jog. So, this week I wanted to make this harder. And at the same time, I did not want to increase the mileage (or time) significantly. I ended up doing still 5 sets of, 100m fast followed by 100m walk. This allowed me to effectively run half a lap as compared to quarter a lap the week before. As I got back home, I’d run 7.4k in 44 minutes.

You can see the laps around the track, right?

Friday: My schedule says that on Friday, I should have a recovery run. Now I know why it is important. Because I have a long run the next day (at least that’s what I think). If I don’t include this run, I’ll have a two days gap until Saturday. So, this run prepares me for the long run the next day. But I messed it up. I changed this recovery run into a tempo run because of lack of time. I couldn’t even cool myself down after the run (so I was a bit scared that my tender body might collapse). Anyway, I ended up running 5.25k in 28 minutes and most of it was under 5-min-km pace. I’ll seriously recover next week.

Saturday: My favourite. I love long runs. It allows me to stay on my feet for long times and to explore a lot of places. I extended the route on which I ran last week. Also, instead of running on the walk-way, I ran on a trail which runs besides it the whole time. Running on a trail is wonderful. Surrounded by trees, it doesn’t feel like I am running around any urban traffic. Before the run, I didn’t intake anything, no carbs, no water. I wanted my body to stay away from carbs on these longer runs, so that if needed, it could learn to extract energy from fat stores, which in my case must be abundant. However, during the run, I had diluted coconut water to keep me hydrated as well as, as a minor source of sugars. By the time I stopped my watch, I had logged 14.2k (thereby completing my weekly goal) in 1:22 hours. Though the pace wasn’t great, but I don’t mind it.

Route: Extended down the Black Rock

Final summary of the week as recorded in my diary, including the morning walks, is:


Please do not comment on my bad handwriting 😀


For the next week, my target is 40k (including the same long run as this week, maybe 15k). I want to make my body re-familiar with longer distances, but without a lot of carbs.



Parkrun#2 – My first sub-23 5k

This is going to be a (relatively) long post.

This parkrun was fantastic and full of adventures. Also, I ran a PB in this run. earlier it was 23:13, which I set up during my training run probably last year. I never had raced in a 5k before, so I never thought too much about it before. If you just wanna see the run, head here:

I’ll now begin the post for interested readers. I’m splitting it up as it happened.

Before the 3,2,1: I missed the last week’s parkrun because I was lazy. I have to leave my home before 7 AM to make it to the run at 8 AM, but not today. I insisted not to run around the block and instead move my ass up to the Chelsea Bicentennial Park. I had an egg poured in a cup of milk before I left (I always think of Rocky – I when I do that), but it backfired. When I got off the train and was heading to the park, I wanted to reach the park at the earliest, not to run, but to poop. I felt great when I was done with that and I told myself that since I feel good, I HAVE to give it all to the run itself. I made it to the start line and the head volunteer announced:




GO: This time, I was almost at the front of the start (maybe in the third row) and I was aware that people at that part start faster but I didn’t imagine that they would (literally) sprint and some of the runners moved around me, hitting me here and there and apologizing, I heard someone behind me saying “we have to get in the stride” maybe that’s why they took off for a fast-start. The pace was perhaps around 4 min/km or less which I know I can not sustain so I gave up after some 400m and I slowed down to allow some runners to pass me by. I know the pace would settle for all, eventually. I stick to a 4:40 pace and was thinking that it is not a good idea to continue this for too long because I know that I don’t run that fast. Then I began to follow into the steps of people, rather than my watch. A Japanese-looking guy was immediately ahead of me so I followed in his steps. A tall guy passed us. I kept with the Japanese (maybe he is not Japanese at all, but that’s how I remembered him). I crossed him slowly. I followed the tall guy, he became my (virtual) pacer. I heard the breaths of a woman behind me, she passed us both. I passed the tall guy, and I followed in the steps of Wilma (I met that woman after the run to tell that I exist). We passed the halfway mark. I was still behind. At around 3k, we were on a par, there was no competitive spirit as such, I would had loved to finish the run that way. We cross over another guy and she took the back seat this time. I kept on pushing. On the way up, I followed a kid. I told him that he was running brilliantly before I ran past him. His form was really good with a midfoot strike. I could sense that we were around 4k into the run as my watch was closing to 19 minutes!! I was awfully surprised and shocked to check that I had been running at a pace that I thought would not let me sustain in the race, yet I pulled it through. During all these following-chasing-pulling over time, my brain was fighting against and with my body, I knew what I had to do. In the end, I followed a girl wearing a violet top, I ran behind her till 4.9k probably, before I burnt off my final fuel to sprint and cross her and one more gentleman to finish my run in 22:52 (in 28th position).  This may not be a very good etiquette for runners but not to forget, I was in a race. My watch, however showed my time as 23+ because I stopped at the finish line and forgot to turn it off. I’ll celebrate this until I overtake this time.

Aftermath: I got some water and met Wilma. I thanked her and told her that she ran really good despite the fact that she’s in an age range of 50-59. She introduced me to Stephen and he turned out to be the gentleman I passed just before the finish line. He told me to come and run in the same park in thirty years just to find someone younger passing me in a flash the same way. But he was happy. He was fast nonetheless. I jogged back to the train station silently. Someone commented “Showing off mate?” I just said “Naah, just warming down” Maybe I could have said “Hell yeah”I felt absolutely fresh after the parkrun.

Special thanks to volunteers to carry out such a wonderful event and all the people who knowingly and unknowingly pushed me.


One dimensional adaptive mesh refinement

If you are reading my blog, perhaps you might have noticed this in my previous posts that I have started working on adaptive mesh refinement. I discussed about the basic funda of this method here. After all the reading work, I started to write my own code for a very simple problem. One dimensional inviscid Burger’s equation. It is a wave equation like looking equation with a slight difference. Wave equation has a fixed velocity while it has a variable one.

My pseudo code goes like this:

I have a mesh at the beginning, let’s call it M1. Then after some time steps, in my code it is 5, I check which grid points have more local truncation error. This is done using an error estimation method based on Richardson’s extrapolation which can be found in the papers of Berger. Then around every such (flag) grid point, I place a small finer mesh to have a better solution. So, if I mark the point i, I am creating a small mesh between i-1 and i+1 which has a mesh width half as that of M1. Because there would be many flag points, therefore I will have many such small meshes, let’s call them M2. Initial values of M2 can be interpolated from the values of M1 and then I solve the same PDE on M2 which will produce better solution as M1 because it is finer than it. My problems at this stage is this: When we have such kinds of space and time variation (refinement), conservation comes into picture. Initially we only had M1, therefore our conservative PDE was doing its job. But now, since we refined space and time, we have to do the job of make things in such a way that fluxes are conserved.

I expect to solve this problem within a week as I am reading quite a lot about conservation in PDE and the papers which dealt with this problem in AMR.

Turning back

Before me, I was watching a mesmerizing view,
a view capable enough to let my eyes glue.
A view of the hill with trees all around,
with chirping birds as the only sound.

I turned back to see what was there,
I saw big machines, I saw big parts of spare,
devastating the beautiful view that my eyes once had,
and killing it, making my heart terribly sad.

‘Cause of it, I couldn’t stop myself to turn back again,
I saw people dying due to hunger and pain,
one was feeding on her wife, and the other had his brother,
may be it was the only way to satisfy hunger.

When I came to senses, then I remember the time,
when even plucking a flower was considered a crime,
now there is no need to tell any story,
when plants and vegetation had been in history.

There was no way, other than to accept the pain,
so I didn’t dare to turn back again.


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the concept of god and reading and watching many things about science. According to what I perceive, almost all the facts about this world can be explained by science. Be it the natural calamities or the beginning of this universe, everything can be explained logically. While god on the other hand, is a belief and faith of many people. The words I am yet to say are my point of view and in no way, I mean to impose anything on anyone. My concept of god is a bit strange from usual. I do not believe now that any materialistic god exists because I have not seen it, I have not known anyone who has been to heaven or hell and more importantly, I have not felt it.

What I believe in is an inner power within ourselves, may be that is something which I can term as god in my perspective. Generally we bow our heads before god to ask for something. In a similar way, we can ask our inner being to give us the strength and the motivation to claim our targets.

Scientheist is just a term for scientific atheist. I believe in science and logic. I can not blindly believe in something which I can not prove. We are just tiny creatures, lucky enough to get lives within us. We are made from same stuff as that of a star, and when a star can die, why can not we? What is so special about us that we will get a life again? When a universe possibly can be given birth from a big bang i.e nothing, why can’t our life just come to an end, again nothing? I believe that there is no god behind our existence and it just a mere coincidence that life flowered here on Earth. As long as the conditions on Earth are good enough for us to survive, our race will do so. And when the time has to come, it will come, like it did for the mighty dinosaurs. 

You’re in my thoughts

My thoughts are less, but they’re concentrated
Except your memory, everything seems faded
All I can think, all I can breath right now is you
All I can feel is a different pain going through.

I talk to people but you walk in my mind
I write some poem but you distract my rhyme
I talk to you but I feel trouble finding lines
I think of you and wonder if you ever think of mine.

What destiny has for us, I will know later
But with you, our life could be even better
I don’t know what’s further written in this chapter
Cause be it good or bad, I’m gonna be the actor.

Life? Life!

This life is certainly a classical puzzle. We have never known how and why we had come into existence and where we would be after our destruction. Probably because we can think, we think about it. Things like stars and planets who have been in this space-time before us and will continue to be here for much much longer after us, do not give a damn to it, may be because they can’t.

This is one of my usual thoughts about questioning what am I really? Where have I come from and why am I even here? It is not even slightly easy to get it’s answer. I don’t know who could provide me an answer to this: science, mythology or something else. But, what I think is more important than this: If we have got a life, why don’t we use it for the betterment of whom we belong to rather than just wasting it for nothing. You must be knowing and hearing from many people that you live only once and you have got just one life. But, are you really living or are you just having a life is what matters the most. Ask yourself, are you really listening to the things around you or just hearing them because that’s what your ears are designed to do? Are you really observing them or just seeing because your eyes are pointing at them? More importantly, are you really living or just not realizing that every single breath you take is life and it MUST NOT be taken for granted? It is impossibly impossible that you can not make a meaningful life out of your life. It just depends on what we choose to be and how we act throughout this little time. This life of yours will be remembered for what you have done in it, not for what it has done to you.

There is an infinite capability in each of us, and perhaps for everything we wish to do. We are such a wonderful creature! We have brains and that is why we can learn, and we can learn anything. Though this life is really short, making us so pathetic that we can not even have our hands on everything that exist in the world. That is why our choices are important because they shape our life and they make what we are today, and what we would be.