First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 35 (Fighting back)

Cold isn’t the most pleasant disease. Well, mostly there is none. I feel helpless when I can’t stop coughing and I know that it should go away with time as it is a common cold. With Sunday coming up, I take my cousin out for a badminton game. With no car around, she preferred to take the scooter rather than her bike to go to the court which is around 2.5k from our home. I preferred my legs. Mostly because she is slow and I won’t kill myself at that speed. Also because I wanted to have a check on my recovery.

My watch showed that I had to work harder to maintain the same pace i.e. my heart beats were faster than usual. That was a sign that I am still not recovered. Feeling wise? I was actually pushing myself. Partly because my body was still a bit saggy from cold. Nevertheless, I felt better during and after the run. Perhaps in a couple of days, I can resume my training in full swing.


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