HOLA! Welcome to my blog.

Hello World! (I am a little bit of programmer as you can see)

My name is Tanmay. I am an Indian who is currently in Taiwan for his master degree. I love many things which include science, music, travelling and peace. This blog is about my thoughts, general reading, serious questioning and my tiny experiences of life. Probably, this blog would talk about many things out of which some things might interest you, which I certainly can not guarantee. But, to the core, I am trying to express myself in a way to catch your attention –  because they say that sharing is caring.

At your right, you can see some things about which I have written so far and if something interests you, don’t forget to check it out. I am not a very frequent writer but I write occasionally on this blog. If you would like me to check out your blog or anything you have written, I would love to give it a read.

If you like this blog, don’t forget to stay in touch through Facebook. If you have an Android or Windows phone, I have some apps which can help you stay connected though these are not really professional. Your views, suggestions, questions, criticisms are welcomed cent percent. Thanks for the visit and awaiting your next click to my blog.

Keep smiling and spread the joy.


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