The last four days… (Very Short)

…I have not been running. In the words of Rocky Balboa, I’ve been a lazy bum!

Paulie: Shut your freakin’ mouth. You been keepin’ me down!
Rocky: Down? You know, you’re like a crazy brother to me, Paulie, you really are. So I’m gonna tell ya something and I want you to listen because I really mean this. You ain’t down. And you ain’t even a loser. You’re just a jealous, lazy bum.

Ok Rocky, I get it but I’m definitely not Paulie. He’s much cooler than I am.

Monday I did some bike-ride as the new phone holder I had ordered from eBay arrived just in the evening so I was excited to give it a try. I am not much of a rider but I can ride for half an hour without dying. Since my right shin was still feeling a bit problematic, I insisted not to run on Monday anyway.

Then came the Tuesday. Again, I din’t go for a run. My shin felt better but I couldn’t spare the time out. I woke up at 5, did some yoga and exercise and left for my class. In the evening, again, I was a lazy bum.

Finally on the wicked Wednesday. I was JUST going to go for a run and taste the wild winter but it started raining drips and drops so I stayed home. I didn’t want myself to catch cold but I know that’s more of an excuse. I’m repeatedly asking myself to listen to my body, but that’s just another excuse now. Shins are now shining with fresh blood (from inside, not from outside).

And today is Thursday where I’m planning to ride bike to go to badminton court, play a couple of shots (and a couple more) and ride back home. I’d be feeling good about it.

I know what is right today and I know what to do. I’ll tell myself once again that it’s never too late to do the right thing and I’ll do it. I’ll be a stronger and better person today, not tomorrow. Because today is all I have 🙂  


Monday Evening – 5k PB Revised

I’m part of a wonderful running group called TXR (Trails, X-country, Roads) Runners. Such a nice name! They have their sessions (usually speed work) on weekdays and on Sundays (long run). After getting bored of pounding the track alone during my training regime, I tweaked my schedule to accommodate a Monday TXR session to get rid of this boredom. Yesterday was my second run with them and by the time I stopped my watch, I had got a 5k personal best (PB), that was totally unexpected. I ran my previous PB during a sub-23 parkrun.

The original plan for the group was to run 3 sets of (2 times (400m @ 10k pace + 100m jog) followed with a faster 400m and finally a 400m jog). It sounds a bit complicated. Doesn’t it? But it was a wonderful workout! Putting it simple, you run around 12 laps, 6 @ 10k, 3 @ maybe 5k and the other three are simply jogs. I probably got this PB during the first and second set because I was very tired during the third and struggling in the first half of that set. Nevertheless, I am feeling stronger today as I look back on the last night. It gives me confidence now that I could do a sub-22 if I train a bit harder.

5k Personal Best: 22:52 22:11

Training Log – Week 1 Day 1

Today marks the first week of my training for Wings for life World Run. I started training in December as well, but as they say, if you do too much too soon, you’ll end up hurting yourself, specially in running. I did the same and ended up with a sprained ankle which lasted three weeks or so. This time, I am starting with a better base (having running around 20 kilometers a week accompanied with occasional cycling and other exercises). I am following the intermediate half-marathon training plan of Coach Jenny Hadfield which is quite a standard running program comprising of four runs and two cross/strength training sessions a week.

For day 1, I did a 45 minute steady run with occasional pick-ups or boosts during the run. That means raising your speed to a notch higher and holding it for some 30-45 seconds. It is exciting and at the same time, not uncomfortable. This is better understandable with the following pace graph of my run:


During the first 10 minutes, I felt a bit of pain in my right calf and left heel. When I stopped at a traffic signal after the first pick-up and continued thereafter, the pain subsided for the rest of the run, so probably this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, after the run, I stretched my muscles to make sure that I don’t get this kind of pain later during the week. Other than that, I just tried to be in the moment during the entire run and avoided the useless inner chatter of the mind. Overall,  I ran for 8.5k which I consider a good pace and I aim to build up on it. The entire run can be found here in case you’re curious:

Running Log – 22 Feb 2017

Distance: 3.0k

Time: 0:20:00

Course: Track

Run with sunshine @ 5:30PM. It went a little hotter than expected. Slow run followed by a 400m fast-paced lap. That last lap was on a pace of ~ 4 min/km and I was wondering if I ever have to finish a lap in under one minute, that would require an average pace of 2:30 min/km. I can not even imagine that right now, but it would be AWESOME to be able to do that.


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