The last four days… (Very Short)

…I have not been running. In the words of Rocky Balboa, I’ve been a lazy bum!

Paulie: Shut your freakin’ mouth. You been keepin’ me down!
Rocky: Down? You know, you’re like a crazy brother to me, Paulie, you really are. So I’m gonna tell ya something and I want you to listen because I really mean this. You ain’t down. And you ain’t even a loser. You’re just a jealous, lazy bum.

Ok Rocky, I get it but I’m definitely not Paulie. He’s much cooler than I am.

Monday I did some bike-ride as the new phone holder I had ordered from eBay arrived just in the evening so I was excited to give it a try. I am not much of a rider but I can ride for half an hour without dying. Since my right shin was still feeling a bit problematic, I insisted not to run on Monday anyway.

Then came the Tuesday. Again, I din’t go for a run. My shin felt better but I couldn’t spare the time out. I woke up at 5, did some yoga and exercise and left for my class. In the evening, again, I was a lazy bum.

Finally on the wicked Wednesday. I was JUST going to go for a run and taste the wild winter but it started raining drips and drops so I stayed home. I didn’t want myself to catch cold but I know that’s more of an excuse. I’m repeatedly asking myself to listen to my body, but that’s just another excuse now. Shins are now shining with fresh blood (from inside, not from outside).

And today is Thursday where I’m planning to ride bike to go to badminton court, play a couple of shots (and a couple more) and ride back home. I’d be feeling good about it.

I know what is right today and I know what to do. I’ll tell myself once again that it’s never too late to do the right thing and I’ll do it. I’ll be a stronger and better person today, not tomorrow. Because today is all I have 🙂  


Where the hell have I been?

I could soon celebrate one-month anniversary of not writing anything on my blog. In this time, I have been checking my news feed (which is always on a roll), this blog’s stats (which really need a roll) and some other things which I probably wouldn’t want to write about explicitly 😉

Anyway, not writing about my training doesn’t mean that I am not training anymore. Technically, I am simply lazy to write, but not lazy to run. After Run For The Kids 2017, my training has taken a shift. I am NOT following my training plan anymore. So you might ask, what do you do then? The answer is…

Long runs!

…..and, some speed work.

So the current trick up my sleeve is to run when I feel like, when my legs feel light(er)and usually to rest the day after. I refrain from having a really inactive day, so I try to always walk a lot. Walking is a wonderful exercise (for body, mind and your laundry room).  Also, I am now trying to use running as a commute than merely an exercise. I run to badminton court, I run from the university to home. It’s fun how some things can be done in an eco-friendlier way 😀

Anyway, this Sunday is the Wings for Life World Run. I am hoping to get past 25k mark which is…. well, not impossible, but definitely a hell difficult. I need an average pace of 5 min/k. Let’s see if I can make it or not. I’ll never know without trying and I am not scared to give it my best shot.


Running Log – 16 Feb 17

Distance: 6.35k
Time: 0:38:23
Course: Concrete

Nice morning run along the traffic of suburbs. Got out of the bed and head for the road straightaway without any “fuel”.
Jogged up for some 10 minutes and then took it up a notch (just a notch) until the end. Intended to run like that, slower, lighter and peacefully. Felt great! The old ankle doesn’t hurt anymore.


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