First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 35 (Fighting back)

Cold isn’t the most pleasant disease. Well, mostly there is none. I feel helpless when I can’t stop coughing and I know that it should go away with time as it is a common cold. With Sunday coming up, I take my cousin out for a badminton game. With no car around, she preferred to take the scooter rather than her bike to go to the court which is around 2.5k from our home. I preferred my legs. Mostly because she is slow and I won’t kill myself at that speed. Also because I wanted to have a check on my recovery.

My watch showed that I had to work harder to maintain the same pace i.e. my heart beats were faster than usual. That was a sign that I am still not recovered. Feeling wise? I was actually pushing myself. Partly because my body was still a bit saggy from cold. Nevertheless, I felt better during and after the run. Perhaps in a couple of days, I can resume my training in full swing.

First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 36 (LSD – Long slow death)

I usually keep weekends for the long runs, like the most of you. However this weekend was completely different. Rather than heading out the doors, I was too afraid to head out of the room. The cold had taken complete control over me and I felt much better in the bed. Running seemed like a dream at this stage. I definitely can run, but I’ll need a lot of tissues at every aid-station. When I think about the upcoming marathon, I actually get a bit scared. Without adequate training, it’s gonna suck out every inch of my muscles and I don’t want myself in that place. Fingers crossed for the next week.

First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 38 (And I’ll hold on)

The struggle continued the next day. With a choked throat and a gloomy nose, I was back on the schedule again. No, not the running schedule, the academic one. In the morning, I  thought that I was going to have a very inactive day for sure. I was feeling weak, tired and drowsy and there was nothing I could do except to take care of myself. This was a part I had to accept, and I did.

Gradually the evening dropped by. I found myself in the badminton court with a different pair of clothes and a racquet in hand instead of a pen. I had only one thought at the time: to play the best game I can. My shots were not strong but my determination was. My movement around the court was pathetic but my body poured down its two hundred percent. In the end, I was feeling better having won a couple of games and more importantly, having won over this nausea. My mood was much better. Sports always cheer me up even though overcoming that inertia is a huge and challenging task but the effort is worth it. I am not sure when I would go out for a run, but it doesn’t look very far 🙂

First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 39 (Hot n Cold)

Let me get it straight. I felt hot and now I am cold. How? Get out for a ride at 5 in the morning when the temperatures are 5 and lower. You would love the ride, the energy and the sweat it generates and you just might feel terrible afterwards (at least if you are someone like me).

I went for a ride along the same route on which I had run yesterday. It was really cold. Bike-speed made it worse. My hands felt frozen when I came back and within a couple of hours, I could feel my system getting affected. By the night, I was in a terrible state of cold. Not in the worse state though, I can’t blame the ride. Perhaps I should be wearing more clothes, or at least a face mask or something.

All I know is that I just have to be cautious before it gets any worse.

First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 40 (Expanding the boundaries)

After sitting in the neutral gear for three days, I finally bounced back. I was up at 4.30 in the morning and out the door by 5. My day started with a tempo run of 11k which I really loved. I amazed myself with a 5k PB of 21:21 (I am not sure when I did that but it felt great). However the run wasn’t totally fun. It was hard work, I dropped my pace in between but I felt so alive when I picked it up later. When I got back home, my family was still fast asleep and a proud wave passed through me. I felt positive towards my first marathon goal.


My evening was eventful too. I had bought a cheap gym voucher for a month and I redeemed it. I spent an hour in the gym while working my entire body. Starting with legs, and then back and finally abs. I tried to make it a complete workout. I ended the day with a kale-spinach-broccoli salad.