First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 17 (You can’t stop me)

Today’s plan was to get to the university’s track and to try out 10 times (400m ON followed by 200m OFF). This workout is inspired from the Runners World magazine’s June issue (AU edition). I also remember a similar workout in the book The art of running faster by Julian Goater.

I wasn’t too sure if I am good enough of a pacer to sustain 10 rounds. I am usually one of those types who end up going too fast too soon and to spoil the plans later (I am still talking about running). But this time, I insisted. I insisted on a slower pace during the 400m rounds. I was fine until six sets. I was recovering during the 200m jog after the sixth one when an official came and told me that I can do one more lap as it’s the time for the club to train. I felt anguish but smiled and said OK. With that given, I had no other choice but to run one more lap. I did. I pulled a faster 300m and walked the last 100m. With that unwanted abrupt stop, I pulled myself off the track and jogged back to my lab.


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