First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 21 (And she walked her first 5k)

Sunday mornings are reserved for badminton coaching. Me and my cousin go to a nearby badminton court where I try to coach her and she resists. If you don’t remember it, there has been a time when she walked back all the way back home from the court which is a decent 2.5k. And if you don’t remember it that the day I am running my first marathon, she would be doing her first 5k. Only now, it would be her second!

Friday night, I challenged her to walk with me all the way from home to the court. The idea was if she’ll feel strong enough after the game, we’ll walk back home. On the way, I asked her a lot of riddles because that’s how I keep her walking otherwise she starts to get bored. Engagement is key for kids, I suppose. Once we were at the courts, we played our regular games. I tried to work on her footwork which is really poor and/because she doesn’t like to work on it. I asked her to play with some other kids and during this, I went to the nearby track to do some speedwork. I did 7 times (200m fast followed by 100m walk). Originally I had planned 8, but she came in between 7th and asked me to play with her, because other kids were easy. Mind you, this is a girl who has started playing badminton not more than a month ago. Once we were done with the game, she suggested we walk back home. Not only she was strong, she was willing to stop at the nearby grocery store to get some chocolates! Now I see why she wanted to walk back. But that’s not the point. I asked her to get a combination of chocolates and fruits, which she happily agreed. She was fatigued on the way back but she was more determined than that. I asked her if she wanted to sit down but she declined and I loved that. This is how sports bring out something we thought we never had within us. In no time (w.r.t. me), we were home. I went to the shower and my sister went for the couch! She had nailed her first 5k without any cheering and I was the happiest person on this earth.


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