First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 23 (Second long run of the week)

I know many of us usually do long runs once a week but I am running out of options. With the marathon three weeks away, I am getting more mileage under the hood. I am not sure if that would be a rookie mistake or a brilliant saviour because if I don’t do that at the moment, I might doubt later if I could even finish the marathon. I need these long distances or times on my feet to make myself comfortable with what’s going to unfold.

The original plan was to run back home from the university. At the last moment, a friend asked if I also wanted to run around the track with him. I said no at first thinking that the distance could be longer than what I could take tonight but changed my mind later. Reason being: I don’t get the luxury of running with people a lot of times. So running with someone definitely boosts up the morale (and many other things) of whoever is running. I ran 3k with him and headed back home.

The roads were a bit wet after the rain last night. But nothing too much to make a runner slip or trip. Traffic lights seemed to be my friend and didn’t make me stop as many times as they usually do. I, however, crossed a lot of red lights too when I didn’t see anyone on the other side 😀 I felt less tired after the run though I felt fatigued during it. Irony huh? I crossed my gym at around 17k mark. Had I been carrying a towel with me, I definitely would had stopped there. But I kept moving. The last suburb before my home stopped me. I usually eat at subway there and so I did again. Just before ordering a 6-inch veggie sub, I stopped my Garmin. It was somewhere around 20.5k when I finished. While eating it, I took the train from there to my home station. Man it takes time to finish that thing!! My home is around a kilometer away from station so as soon as I finished my sub, I started running back again until I reached home.


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