First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 26 (When you feel like shit)

Oh I just realized! The number of days left equals the number of miles. What a coincidence. Anyway, back to the story.

My family goes to a temple in the evening and I had planned to run there from the university. I actually love to commute this way, it saves a lot of training time. For example: if I take the public transport to home, it takes me around 75 minutes. On the top of that, a 20k long run usually takes my 110-120 minutes. That makes it somewhere above 3 hours. But if I just run on my way home (which is still 20k), I save those 75 minutes AND I’ve got home AND I’ve done the training too, what a surprise! Of course, it needs some prior planning and some compromises here and there.

Temple is around 21k from the uni, but I took a more “popular” route and that was 24k. Popular just means that I’ll not be running on highways or on the barren streets. It was indeed a route full of cyclist and running trails amidst the city. However I was lost a couple of times and had to detour and therefore the final distance was 25.4k. Oh damn! The funny thing is during the run, I wanted to poop and I wanted to poop really bad. I’m not sure why that happened. Do I blame the pineapple I ate an hour or so prior to the run? NO! That was such a sweet fruit! Or fibrous huh? Or that energy drink I was consuming on the way? NO that had no fibers, that couldn’t be the culprit!! I don’t know who was the elephant in room but that’s how the situation was. I was looking for toilets on the way. Despite SO many parks and playgrounds, there was NOTHING! I took many walk breaks so as to control the pressure. The worst case scenario would be to walk all the way through to the nearest train station where I would definitely find something. However to to reach the temple on time, I was run-walking. Running at a faster pace and then walking to control what running was inducing within me. Finally when I lost all my hopes, I went behind bushes…. and the rest is history! No I am just kidding, I actually found a toilet somewhere near a football ground. I spent some quality time in there before I finally caught my breath back and ran the final 10 or so kilometers. (See that little detour on the 16k mark, there was my savior!!)




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