First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 28 (Dealing with the mind)

After a great Saturday, I didn’t want to just stop. Unlike last weekend, I wanted to run in this one. Cold had deteriorated my training severely the past ten days or so and I wanted to put that on track again. So I ran.

Usually I do long runs on weekends but given that I rode almost 30k and walked 15k the previous day, the wiser plan was to go easy on myself. I ran until it made sense to me. It’s hard to explain. My mind didn’t even want me to go longer this night but I know that running on tired legs is something I must get used to. Specially for the last 10k of a marathon, this kind of toughness helps.

When I completed the two loops around my home, my mind started pushing me down to the ground. My body was not as tired as the mind was perceiving it but I was not the one to give in this time. I told myself to go for one more. I ended up running for exactly an hour (which definitely is not the definition of a long run, but I’d say it was a rejuvenating run for the mind and the body).


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