First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 32 (Facing the Fears – I)

After getting a bit better, it was time to test myself. Running out in the open would had been a risky affair given that I am recovering from something that was caused by it. So I insisted on the next best option – gym. Not one of the places I would like to spend time in, but today, it is the only place I am looking forward to go to.

I have never really liked treadmills ‘coz I am one of those runners who find it more natural to run outdoors and no matter how advance is it, treadmill can never give you the same run. Also because, I am afraid that I might trip off of the tread and get a good face-plant. It’s more of an illusion rather than a reality but definitely a possibility. Anyway, I started the damn machine and set it on a profile of hills (i.e. the incline of the treadmill would change with time). I ran for an hour on it without thinking too much. My previous longest run on the treadmill was 40 minutes when it was raining heavily outside. My earphones were on most of the time and it also felt a little dizzy at times but nothing beyond the comfort level. I ran the last 20 minutes or so without the shoes. In this aspect, treadmill could be a good training platform as roads and trails might not be the best place to start with for a barefoot athlete.



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