First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 38 (And I’ll hold on)

The struggle continued the next day. With a choked throat and a gloomy nose, I was back on the schedule again. No, not the running schedule, the academic one. In the morning, I  thought that I was going to have a very inactive day for sure. I was feeling weak, tired and drowsy and there was nothing I could do except to take care of myself. This was a part I had to accept, and I did.

Gradually the evening dropped by. I found myself in the badminton court with a different pair of clothes and a racquet in hand instead of a pen. I had only one thought at the time: to play the best game I can. My shots were not strong but my determination was. My movement around the court was pathetic but my body poured down its two hundred percent. In the end, I was feeling better having won a couple of games and more importantly, having won over this nausea. My mood was much better. Sports always cheer me up even though overcoming that inertia is a huge and challenging task but the effort is worth it. I am not sure when I would go out for a run, but it doesn’t look very far 🙂


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