First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 40 (Expanding the boundaries)

After sitting in the neutral gear for three days, I finally bounced back. I was up at 4.30 in the morning and out the door by 5. My day started with a tempo run of 11k which I really loved. I amazed myself with a 5k PB of 21:21 (I am not sure when I did that but it felt great). However the run wasn’t totally fun. It was hard work, I dropped my pace in between but I felt so alive when I picked it up later. When I got back home, my family was still fast asleep and a proud wave passed through me. I felt positive towards my first marathon goal.


My evening was eventful too. I had bought a cheap gym voucher for a month and I redeemed it. I spent an hour in the gym while working my entire body. Starting with legs, and then back and finally abs. I tried to make it a complete workout. I ended the day with a kale-spinach-broccoli salad.


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