First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 44 (And I let it all out)

The pressure was building up. It wasn’t like frustration, perhaps more of a desperation. I had been busy with other stuff and I had not carved out time for a run so I left home at 10 in the night for a long run. I knew it would be cold so I had five layers on the top and three on the bottom. With my gloves, head-cap and headlamp on, I was all set. I made myself lemon water and poured into my waist pack to have it on the run and hand-held a water bottle just to have a neutral taste in the mouth.

The roads were relatively emptier. While running along the beach road, I watched my shadows emerging from different angles because of the arrangement of street lights. I loved how I was looking from the side, it wasn’t a bad form at all. Perhaps up-to 15k, the run was very smooth. I was cruising without even knowing the kilometre markers that my watch was telling me. There were signs of humanity every now and then, but for the most part, the roadside buildings, dark trees, bright lights and a silver moon were my companion.

After some 1:45 hours, I felt sluggish. My feet were getting heavier with every falling step so I let it all out. I ran the last few kilometres faster than the ones I have already covered. I called it a night when I crossed the half-marathon mark though I actually wanted to cross 2:30 hours. But let’s just keep it for the next time and don’t go all crazy this week.


Tomorrow would definitely be a lighter routine. My watch asked me to recover for 41 hours when I finished running, so I should at least follow 80% of it’s advice 😉


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