First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 45 (Lows continue)

I do not know to get out of them. I do not know if that really is a bad thing. Because when I am facing these lows, at the same time, a turmoil generates within me and it intensifies itself as the days passes by. I can feel it happening. Despite the busy schedule at work, now I HAVE TO get out the doors and do what I WANT TO do.

Thursday was just too much of load. I stayed in lab most of the time and followed precisely the same schedule as that of Wednesday. I had to miss on the badminton game because of the workload (something that I have never done before). Now I don’t know what comes tomorrow but there should be just this one little thing: a good run. No matter how I carve time out of this heck of a schedule or if I have to invent a time machine to do some crazy time-management stuff, I just have to put a run on my to-do-list for tomorrow. I know I won’t die if I won’t do it, but probably I’d be disappointed with myself which is a step ahead than death.


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