First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 48 (No excuses for running)

It is with writing these posts I am realising that I have exactly seven weeks to go before my first marathon. The first day of the week usually lets me do some speed-work with the running club. I leave the university around 5 to make it in time. Only this time, my work finished at 7. I reached home an hour and half later but I was determined to go out and train.

It was dark and a bit drizzling. So I picked up my cap, a reflecting arm-band and an additional layer of clothing. All set and then I was off. Bad thing, I didn’t know what specifically to do, e.g. speed-work, fartlek, tempo, threshold etc. etc. Good thing, I knew what exactly to do i.e. run. The session was a self-paced run with mini sprints. I did two loops of my block with a 400 m sprint at the end of each loop. It was wet so I was cautious about going not too fast because I could trip easily on that surface. My activity is here.


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