First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 50 (Saturday LSD Run)

Friday was a nightmare. It was a low-point in my training. I wanted to train but made up enough excuses so as not to. The good thing about any low is that it teaches you further the importance of a high. I wanted exactly that. I keep Saturday reserved for family. The morning started with a brunch in the park where I made Tofu Kebab which kids don’t seem to like much but I LOVE THEM!

This evening, I carved out time for the weekend long-run. The purpose of a long-run is to stay on your feet for longer times and not to make it so fast so that you cover more distance in comparatively lesser times. I prefer to keep it time-based rather than the distance. One more thing, I usually run in a counter-clockwise sense (like the track athletes) so I changed that and instead run the same route I was planning to run clockwise. You can find my route here on the Strava link. It’s a little over 16k where I was on my feet for 1:40 hours. For the next week, I’m planning to take it up a notch and do a 2:10ish or so. It sounds like a huge increase but actually, I wanted to do a 2 hour run this weekend (still need to take more time out). My goal is to gradually build up my long runs to last at least three hours before I stand on the start-line of my first marathon.

P.S.: I have finished reading “50 marathons, 50 days” and now have started “Chi Running”


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