First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 52 (Beautiful morning, cycling, badminton and eBay)

Thursday could not be any more active or inspiring for my training. I got up early as I promised to myself. The motivation to do this was pretty easy: I know how I feel after my morning ritual i.e. a more-than-little walk, some jog if I feel like that. Then it becomes easier to get rid of warmth of a loving blanket.

Explore the dawn. You’ll be amused at how b’ful and refreshing it could be.

I got up at 4.45 and was out the doors at 5. I walked for around twenty minutes before jogging to a nearby park where I ran barefoot. It was the best start to the day I could ask for. My legs felt cold but I was warm and fresh within.

To end this day was the Thursday badminton game. I rode to the court, played some good shots and rode back home. Riding to the court is always easier than riding back home. The games were more intense than usual and I felt that on the way back. If you could have seen me, you’d probably walk faster than me. I was more than happy when I called it a day because I rode 27k for the second time in my life (yeah I really suck at cycling). I had no energy left inside when I headed to the bed and then out of nowhere I saw a 15% off SALE at eBay and ordered a new running watch on which I had my eyes locked at! Now, I can not wait to try to-be-my-partner Garmin Fenix 3 😉


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