First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 54 (Green Smoothie Included)

After a not-so-bad Monday post-race, I was feeling better about how the body was holding up. Fatigue was gradually shading away and the stairs were no more a sight of calamity. However, I was in no rush to force myself to continue my training for the marathon again. So, I opted for rest. I wanted to give my body some more time before I’ll push it to limits again. Tuesday continued the recovery phase. However, I delighted myself with a delicious smoothie of which’s recipe I would love to share. If you do a bit of reading and experimenting, you’d be amazed to see how food affects your training and recovery.

After all, you are what you eat. Aren’t you?

I’ll skip the talk for now and come to the point. This is a kind of green smoothie and there could be many more variations possible. I’ve put some ideas for you to try.


  • First comes the fruits to give it some flavor. It could be anything you like, it’s about experimenting. I used these two:
    1 Banana, medium sized
    1 Kiwifruit (I have also tried with apple and pineapple with amazing results in addition to Kiwi)
  • Next comes greens! There are a lot of different kind of leafy-greens you can buy. I generally use these two:
    Handful of spinach (I am Popeye the Sailor man! Hoot hoot!)
    Handful of Kale
  • Not to forget, hydration! Most of the times, I simply use water. But sometimes, I mix different things to experiment. I’ve used:
    Coconut water, Soy-milk and water in a ratio of about 1:1:2. And this ratio is fun to play with. I have also used other forms of milk such as full-cream whole milk, other suitable for vegans such as almond and coconut milk.
  • Finally, some toppings. These are again your choices. This time, I used:
    4-5 sliced almonds. These dry fruits are awesome. Very nutritious and provide a lot of good-stuff. I’ve seen people using muesli/oats to make it more fibrous.
    1 tsp black chia seeds
    1 tsp honey. This is the secret of why I am so sweet!
    (Sometime, I add in some berries such as blue/strawberry or miso. It provides a distinctive sour-y flavour to the smoothie which I am starting to love)

Put everything in a blender. Volume of fluids should be such that it is about at the same level as that of other solid-stuff. I don’t use a standard measuring instrument. If you’re not sure, start with a low volume and add-up accordingly as to how thick you want the smoothie to be. Turn the blender ON! I use a 700 W Blender so it should be powerful enough to crush everything into a smooth delicious cup of heaven. Sip it on slowly. Try to feel every ingredient as you chew it. Once you get good at it, you’ll be a smoothie-expert and I have some badges to give away 😉

P.S: I’ve come to known about these fabulous smoothies from the YouTube channel called Running Raw. So I’d like to thank Tim Van Orden, the inspiration behind the Running Raw Project and every smoothie I have ever come to taste. Also, if you love cooking, do not forget to read the book Eat and Run by the ultra-runner Scott Jurek. It contains a LOT of recipes that are good for people who are active and love to head outdoors or those who simply love cooking for the sake of the pleasure it gives!


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