First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 57

I won’t be the first or last person on planet Earth to say this, but I know it the hard way that rest is as (or probably more) important than your training. My definition of rest is not to sit on the couch 24 hours in front of a TV eating french fries while sipping on a fizzy can of coke. Definitely not! The more comfortable you are, the more uncomfortable your life would become. Here’s what my rest-day looks like:

I get up early in the morning (OK! I try to). Then as usual, I go for a walk to get some fresh air otherwise I’d probably go back to my loving bed. Then for the most part of day, I spend time with family and this is very important. Because not only it gives my body some rest from a typical workout-day, doing nothing but playing with children and helping with family chores in itself gives a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation to the mind and I’ve observed that I am filled with a heap of positive energy for the next workout-day.

Sore muscles are better than the torn ones

Your body needs a break. Your body deserves a break. Give it what it needs and it would give back what you want.


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