First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 58

Running is difficult. Running faster is even more.

By not following a strict training schedule, sometimes I mess things up. Yet I stick to the basic funda, a typical week includes a long run, speed-work, recovery and a moderate-intensity run. And sometimes, I mix them up. I keep Fridays for slow-to-medium paced recovery run so that I could be fresh for weekend long runs.

This Friday, I did a bad thing, bad being a relative term. With the half-marathon being on Sunday, I wasn’t too sure of what to do. I started slow and ended fast, and as far as I can recall, really fast. It took a long time for me to catch my breath back. I can’t pinpoint what exactly triggered it but I loved it! As they say, running faster makes you feel alive. I’d add that at the same time, it makes you feel like an almost dead.

Distance covered: 3.5k


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