First 26.2 Miler Countdown: 63

It all starts within.

When I first started running, I ran because I was unfit. Not the fattest person you might have come across, but you can picture me somewhere between obese and well, a little less obese. I stood at a fluctuating weight between 75 and 80 kilos stuffed in my 174 cm frame. I can not really remember why I chose to run, but I am glad I did. Running was hard, it was uncomfortable. It pulled the shit out of me (yeah I had my poop breaks during the runs) but I persevered. Gradually, my fitness improved and I lost a couple of kilos. Now I don’t care about the weight anymore (I still have a happy tire in my belly but I don’t overthink about it). Running taught me about discipline and continual progress. And since then, it has been teaching me about mind, body and the spirit.

My first race was a 9k. It is by no means a standard distance but it was really special to me because I ran it on my birthday, January 9th. Over the time, I have built over it. I went on further to run a 15k, then a half-marathon (~21k) and more recently, a 29k. I have always wanted to push beyond the limits my mind has created.

Barriers of speed and distances are dynamic. They move along as you do. There is no ultimate achievement however every little achievement is ultimate in itself. Runners often consider distance equivalent to a marathon (a little more than 42k) as a great endurance feat and being a runner, I look forward to endure it. And today, I registered for a marathon. I think I am ready (or could be ready) to take up this challenge and testify myself.

TIP # 1: Register for the race, it is a great motivation to get off the couch and hit the road/track/trail/whatever.

TIP # 2: Smile and run till you can.


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