Week 3 Training Log

The past two weeks, I’d run 25 and 35 km so to build up on it, this week I had planned to run 40 km.

Monday: I stayed home this Monday rather than going to the university. Good decision I must say! Weather was perfect to stay home and to take a nap! And to go on a run after that. I headed out at 1 PM for a 50 minute run along the nearby trail. By the time I was back home, I had made 9.5k under my feet. It felt great after the run, I was feeling pretty strong (probably because of the good rest I did last Sunday).

Wednesday: Track time! Last week, I had done 8 times 100m on, 100m off. This week, I aimed for longer sprints. I changed that to 8 times 200m on, 200, off. This way, not only I maintained the speed for longer times, I also covered more distance. I was tired after 4 sets so during 5th to 8th sets, I changed it to 200m on + 100m walk + 100m off (jog). I felt great after the workout was over, I felt accomplished. Though there had been a tweak in my original plan, but I didn’t mind that because I finished what I had started.

Friday: Recovery time! Easy paced run for some 35-40 minutes was what I had thought. Since last week I changed it to a tempo run which affected me the next day, so I kept it fairly easier this Friday. I took short quick strides during the entire run to keep my pace low, but also to keep my cadence not so low. By the time I was home, I had run around a loop of 6.5k which was more than enough for me to call it a great Friday night!

Saturday: I had kicked myself out of the home at 6 in the morning. It was dark but I was determined. I had the route and the only thing on my mind was to keep going for the next 15k. It started raining (lightly) after some 10 minutes so I thought to head back home because I was running with my non-waterproof phone but I insisted running thinking that maybe I could find a polythene bag or something from somewhere on the way, but I won’t stop (crazy, eh?) thankfully it stopped raining. So I kept going. Cyclists passed by me, a couple of runners crossed me in the opposite direction. And I kept going. By the time it was dawn, I had come back home after a run of 1:22 hours. I was glad that I had make it without killing myself.

Next week, I am thinking to increase the distance of this long run by altering my route. I am not sure of the total weekly mileage yet but definitely, it would not be lesser than 45 because now, my feet feel just fine hovering over the mother earth for longer times.

My profile on strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/15425516


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