Training Log – Week 1 Day 1

Today marks the first week of my training for Wings for life World Run. I started training in December as well, but as they say, if you do too much too soon, you’ll end up hurting yourself, specially in running. I did the same and ended up with a sprained ankle which lasted three weeks or so. This time, I am starting with a better base (having running around 20 kilometers a week accompanied with occasional cycling and other exercises). I am following the intermediate half-marathon training plan of Coach Jenny Hadfield which is quite a standard running program comprising of four runs and two cross/strength training sessions a week.

For day 1, I did a 45 minute steady run with occasional pick-ups or boosts during the run. That means raising your speed to a notch higher and holding it for some 30-45 seconds. It is exciting and at the same time, not uncomfortable. This is better understandable with the following pace graph of my run:


During the first 10 minutes, I felt a bit of pain in my right calf and left heel. When I stopped at a traffic signal after the first pick-up and continued thereafter, the pain subsided for the rest of the run, so probably this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, after the run, I stretched my muscles to make sure that I don’t get this kind of pain later during the week. Other than that, I just tried to be in the moment during the entire run and avoided the useless inner chatter of the mind. Overall,  I ran for 8.5k which I consider a good pace and I aim to build up on it. The entire run can be found here in case you’re curious:


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