Running Log – 4 Mar 17

Distance: 6.48k

Time: 0:35:52

Course: Mostly grass, some concrete

I thought I’d go for a Saturday morning run, but I got up really late. Didn’t want to go to parkrun because it is far and that’s a good enough excuse. I woke up at around 9, and I was out for the run very soon at around 9:30.

It was hot, so I went to a nearby park because they have a water tap and I don’t really like running holding a water bottle when I’m on anything longer than 30 minutes. Till the park, I was running with my shoes on. I slipped them off to feel the cold grass (it is AMAZING), I kept looping around the park till I felt good. My core felt weaker, my stomach was in a bit of pain and that made me realize that I am not doing any core training which I MUST do. Overall, I felt good and I listened to my body. Next week on wards, I will focus on my core-strength training and I’ll try to make my running schedule more systematic and consistent. I’ll also be training for Wings For Life World Run which is in May and I want to be in my best shape when it starts.

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