Running Log – 28 Feb 2017

Distance: 2.7k

Time: 0:18:47

Course: Grass

I went to the gym in the evening and found it overcrowded. This number of people really gets me, so I thought of heading out for a run once I get back home, I seek solitude. I was reading “Running with the Kenyans” on the train and it pumped me up further.

I didn’t plan this run, but I ended up doing a bit of speed work. I paced around the ground (I think the ground is around 350-400m). So I did one loop fast, half loop slow followed by a half loop fast and a half loop slow and finally with one final fast loop. My cousin was with me and she is really lazy so I challenged her to sprints. I didn’t think she would want to run so I tricked her into it. I asked her to run halfway back and forth across the ground and I’ll do all the way through back and forth, i.e. twice her distance. Well, she did beat me. Her time was 28 seconds and mine was 32. Maybe she would try another time too!

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3 thoughts on “Running Log – 28 Feb 2017

  1. ifijustbreathe March 2, 2017 / 5:22 AM

    That’s a great way to trick your cousin into running. Nice job!


    • tanmayagrawal7 March 2, 2017 / 5:54 AM

      Yeah and when I made her read this post, she said “I’m not lazy” 😀

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