Re-releasing the Android App

I am not in any sense, a hardcore developer, but to spread the words of this blog more effectively (and instantly), I earlier came out with two apps, one for Android and one for Windows platform (Universal App). My love for technology drives me to do this and my laziness drives me to easier solutions. When I was looking into the Android app I had before, it seemed pretty outdated to the current content on this blog. Therefore I am coming up with a newer version which now also provides:

  • Push notifications on your phone as I post any single damn thing on this blog.
  • You can mark posts as favourite and could comment on it through the app.
  • Categories are rebranded (removed the older ones and incorporated the newer).

The whole idea here is to give you an easier access to the content of this blog. A mobile app is definitely much more convenient than a blog itself. I’d really appreciate you checking out the new version of my app, and since I am not a playstore developer, you’d have to download the app from here and install it manually (it takes two seconds, umm, maybe four to be precise) 😀


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