A new speed workout

Like I mentioned in my previous post about taking control of the breath while running no matter if its a slow or fast run. When you’re slower, you can force yourself easier to control the breath and experiment your running but when you take your running up a notch, it tends to become difficult. At higher speeds, there is more rigorous breathing (you have felt that before, right?) and that becomes a bit difficult to control. You can’t say no to a breath when you are panting, it has to come in and get out.

So, this week in my speed training, instead of going for a total of 5 sets of (2 minute fast and 3 minute slow), I changed it to 4 sets of (1 minute fast and 45 seconds slow/walk rather). So, after getting warmed up for about ten minutes, I did these 4 sets. And what I observed was. I could handle my breathing just fine while I was running and during recovery, I was gasping for breath. Just before the end of every recovery period, I thought to myself that I won’t be able to run fast now, given that I am breathing like a crazy animal here. But, once my feet started their way, that abnormal breathing pattern fades away automatically and it gets easier to run faster than to recover on a slow pace.

After I was through this, I warmed down for 5 more minutes and did these 4 sets again! God, that was a wonderful workout! I never knew I could handle speed so well and simultaneously recover in that short time. Of course there was a bit of fluctuation in the speeds during the fast pace zones but nevertheless, I didn’t skip any of the set. And I am so very happy about it.


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