Training for Wings For Life World Run – Week 2 Day 4

Finally the rain faded away (at least for the morning today). There was no sun, and that made it even better to run (I am good at rhyming, ain’t I?). I geared up with all my stuff (shoes, water bottle, skipping rope, a towel and yeah, my cellphone) and reached the track right on time. To my surprise, there was just one guy running at that time as I was hoping that daily joggers would be joining the field, but not yet!

I did the stretching and my warm-up session after which I directly hit the track with a steady pace, my comfortable pace. So the ingredient of my today’s workout was speed. Lots of speeds! It was planned to be a 15 minute comfortable pace at the beginning, as it should be otherwise your muscles are so gonna make you cry the next day! It was then followed by 5 sets of fast-comfortable speeds. One set implies running 2 minutes at fast pace accompanied later with a 3 minute of comfortable face. This way, one can work on his speeds and since 5 sets equal 25 minutes, one definitely is working on stamina as well. Here is how it looks like, nothing too fancy:


The red ones are the zones where I am supposed to go fast and the green ones are, yes, comfort zones, but it doesn’t mean relaxing zones. I am still running up there at my regular pace, the pace at which I comfortably run. I finished this workout pretty well which I can be found explaining here.

And this is the summary of my run!


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