A new schedule

I was never fond of waking up early, not at least before 8 in the morning. That had always been my usual routine, go to bed around 1 – 2 AM and wake up around 8 – 9 AM and I never thought it was a bad schedule! I could handle all of my works, could get to study late at night if required and despite all this, I am taking a good amount of sleep.


But I changed this schedule no matter how easy it was for me, because there was one thing that I was missing during this, morning! Yes, that early sweet morning I can get to feel now that I never had a chance to experience before. When I wake up now and get outside, that serene environment and the neutral yet positive breeze, fills me up with HUGE amount of energy that keeps me going for the day. Waking up early gives me enough time to make myself a good breakfast and enough time to eat it. I am now never in a hurry to grab the breads and eat them on my way to school.

But yes, this comes on an expense of saying a bitter goodbye to your bed, earlier than you usually do. It hurts a little at that time, but as your feet touch the ground, you feel bad no more. In fact, it feels great! If you have never tried this, you MUST experience this. As they say, early to bed and early to rise……you know what comes next! 😉



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