Training for Wings for Life World Run – Week 2 Day 1

Today marks the day 1 of second week. I am pretty much happy about completing the first week. No doubt there were a couple of hiccups in the past week but it pretty much get me started (well) for the times yet to come. After the end of week 1, I would consider my average running time to be around 30 minutes while maintaining a pace of around 5:30 min/km. My target is to improve both the pace and the duration.

In the actual run, I might want to make myself last for atleast 90 minutes for which I need a lot of stamina and physical endurance. Also, I can not afford to run at a pace any lower than, perhaps 5:30 itself because I have a definite target of 20k in my mind. And I have to achieve it!

So today, I gave myself a boost from the last week. The same day of week 1, I went for 30 minutes at a medium pace with three short sprints at t =10, 20 and 30. Today, I took that up a notch and sprinted instead at t = 12, 24 and 36. What I think is that this will definitely help me to gain more stamina on field. Around 30th minute, I felt that my pace reduced because that was the time I was asking more from my muscles and to keep them going, I just kept moving them. In some time, around in the 32nd minute, it was all okay. I picked up my pace and ended the workout sprinting in the last minute.

Here is the on-field experience:


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