Training for Wings for Life World Run – Day 1 and 2

So, there is this big running event (at least for me) coming up next month. And I realized it last week that there is only ONE month left and I have not yet started doing ANYTHING for the sake of this. This race has been so much on my mind since the day I heard about this. A race with no finish line. A race with people all around the world, participating at different locations and at different times. How cool is that? I know right!

The concept of this race is pretty simple. You run without a definite finish line. You are in the race as long as the catcher car (don’t worry I will tell you about it) is behind you. As it passes through you, that would be your finish. People run all around the world (35 countries this time), at the same time, no matter it is a day or night. For me, my location of running would be Yilan, Taiwan and the time be 7 PM, pretty comfy!

The race starts at 7 and you’re free to run, well until 7.30. Because that very instant, a car, aka catcher car also starts making its way through the running track. It starts with a constant speed of 15 kmph for the first hour and gradually speeds up subsequently. And now, you already have some idea about how it will chase you down! Because the top speed of car at the end is 35 kmph which is something you can not hold for much long and the last person to remain in the race is declared a winner! I am pretty sure I am not that guy.

My aim for this race is to stay for around 21k so that I could call myself a half marathon runner, but we will see about that! In the mean time, I have started recording my training tales which will tell you about my training schedule and experience!


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