La Paz Sand Dunes of Laoag

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WARNING: This post is full of dirt, dust and dry air. Keep yourself hydrated while reading.

While heading towards Pagudpud from La Union, I had to have a transit at either Vigan or Laoag. Because the bus was already running late than what I had anticipated and it would be evening already regardless of the city I choose, therefore I opted for Laoag because it was nearer to Pagudpud. After reaching Laoag. the most budget option I could find to stay was the Taxicano Hotel which is a decent place to stay and geographically very convenient to go around Laoag city. However personally, I don’t think that there are a lot of places in Laoag city to hang around, but there is a place worth your time just outside the city. It is called as La Paz Sand Dunes.

As the name says, it is a place full of sand but as this is a place near the shoreline, you can also expect to see a good view of water, sun and clouds. From the Laoag city, I opted to take a tricycle to reach La Paz Sand Dunes. You can either ask the tricycle driver for a round trip price and he can wait there till you go around. However, I just asked him for a one sided trip which cost me 150 PHP. It is around 6 km drive from the city to the dunes.

This is the place where our tricycle driver dropped us off. There is a small camp here from where you can rent ATVs or the jeeps which can take you around the dunes. There is no to almost no information at the tourist information center.
Check the prices. If you have got a budget big enough, go for it. I opted to walk by myself. It was tiring, but it was obviously more fun. Though I wish to have a ATV ride, still. It would have been a little different too.
View of the dunes as you will walk more into it. Luckily the day was cloudy (rather not too sunny) otherwise the experience could have been really heart WARMING 😀 This place is quite big and you really need some time to walk around. And as the sand makes it a little hard, ensure that you have some snacks and water with you.

I started walking to my left from the spot where I had started. Though at some point, dunes did not seem to end however, you can see the water while standing at a height. Could it be a mirage? Not really. Your eyes are not deceiving you. As the sand ends, there is an ocean of water to look for.

Not a pretty beach to have fun for sure. But the sunset at this point would surely be worth watching, I missed it for sure. But the cloudy sky made it really beautiful at that point of time in the day.
These are the clouds I am talking about. This picture was taken before I reached the shore and you can see the water at the horizon. My eyes are absolutely fine 😀 While seeing this now,  I wonder how terrible photographer I am.

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After spending some time at the shore, going back was equally a job as challenging as was to reach here. However, I was not any less excited.

I leave my trails here for sometime until someone else (or an ATV or 4*4 or even a pile of sand) walks over it. Can you see the end of sand in this picture? I guess no!

After reaching back to the camp, I found that there was no tricycle driver available at that time since most people usually prefer to take a round trip. For this reason, I opened my HERE maps and started walking towards the city because I had earlier spotted that at a distance of around 1KM from the dunes, I can still get a lot of tricycles. Luckily even before that, I spotted a tricycle driver who was coming towards the dunes and was fortunately available. When I asked him about the price, he just asked for 40 PHP to get me back into the city. May be that was an advantage of getting a one sided trip from Laoag to dunes.

Last picture taken from La Paz sand dunes as I leave back to Laoag city. And the road still doesn’t end.

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