Morning continues in Rizal Park

After spending around two hours in Intramuros, I was still not completely tired and hungry partly because it was quite cool and breezy as the sun was still hiding behind the white clouds. I checked on my phone to see the nearest attractions to the place I was standing at and it turned out that we were quite close to Rizal Park about which I had already looked over the internet.This park is named after Jose P. Rizal who was one of the revolutionaries in the history of Philippines. You can often see Rizal Street in many cities of Philippines as well as you can see his portrait on the 1 peso coin.

Rizal park is a wonderful place to be in the morning (and probably it should be a good evening spot as well). It has a beautiful scenic view inside and a lot of people either exercising or playing could be seen in the park.

The view from the entrance. It has quite a long pathway and on the right, there was an open air theater followed by a Chinese garden and ultimately followed by the Memorial of Jose. P. Rizal
The Filipino flag stands tall amidst the fountains. Aerobic tracks hit the morning to encourage the people wandering around the park and for those who are getting fitter. It makes quite a beautiful view. I stayed myself down for a while to just stare at it.

Moving on! Since this park is dedicated to the memory of Rizal, there is a memorial situated at the end (from the direction in which I entered), it has a nominal entrance fee of 20 PHP (which becomes 10 PHP for students). Rizal was executed in the open by Filipino soldiers and this order was issued by Spanish government which ruled Philippines at that time. There were Spanish soldiers present at the moment of execution in case if Filipino soldiers would had opted to step back.

The scene of the execution and the pain could be clearly seen. There were soldiers, priests, dog and a commander to the best of my knowledge in the crowd you see at the back of Rizal. This scene was the reason for my visit to Rizal Park.
A closer look at the executioners. There was no way that he could escape. Rest In Peace, Courageous Rizal J.P.
It has been over a century. The location is the same and it can easily make you see what exactly happened.

But his sacrifice did pay off and today at the present, Philippines is independent and honestly, it is a wonderful country. I absolutely loved the people and I will admit here that they do look a little bit like us, Indians. The first two places I had been to in The Philippines were not just historical, they had been maintained to look beautiful and that is what I loved most about them. I am not a very history-loving type of guy but the flavor of nature and beauty added to it made me to like it in a very special way.


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