July 27, 2015

My words can merely describe my feelings at the moment. A terror attack in my country followed by the demise of our missile man, Dr. Abdul Kalam. It is indeed a sad day for India and for all the Indians.

My morning started quite late but not too later, I got this news of a terrorist attack in the state of Punjab. The place where it happened, Gurdaspur, reminded me of my teacher who had studied there and while teaching us, he used to share his memories. Just after I graduated from college, he succumbed to a heart attack and today, this incident reminded me of him again. Such attacks are an insult to humanity and it shows how immature we still are, as a human. We are mortal, we all have to die and we all have got only one life. So why can not we just live in peace? The answer is pretty simple. We are humans! This is beyond the scope of our humanity to live in peace. We are humans! We are greedy! Greedy for money! Greedy for power! Greedy for blood! We can not live in peace. Because if we do, we all would be equal and we don’t want that. We all want to be in power and we all can do anything for that. Can’t we? WE ARE MORONS AND WE WILL STAY THIS WAY FOREVER!

When I remember the times I cried in my college, the first scene that flashes before my eyes was when I was getting parted from my friends. At the bus stop, in front of people, many of us had tears in our eyes and a faith in our hearts that we will meet again. After all, we all had stayed together for four long years just like a family. The second time I cried is a little personal. It was in the loneliness of my room, sitting on my bed at a late night reading the book called Turning Points: A journey through challenges by A P J Abdul Kalam. While reading about how situations and people molded our Missile Man throughout his life couldn’t stop me from crying. I was crying and reading till I finished the book. I remember all these moments when I heard the saddest news of him passing away. He has been my inspiration, undoubtedly. He has done quite a lot for the Indian Science that one can never stop learning from him. Even today, he was spreading science and technology at the age of 83. What a spirit and what a personality! I just wish to contribute back to my country the way he did. My sincere homage, deepest apologies and salute to such a wonderful person my country was blessed with.


2 thoughts on “July 27, 2015

  1. Kreng Jai July 28, 2015 / 2:38 AM

    RIP APJ Abdul Kalam JI


    • tanmayagrawal7 July 28, 2015 / 2:43 AM

      May his beautiful soul rest in peace.


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