And the minions are back..

Who don’t love minions? After all they are so cute and irresistible. But it must have taken much more effort to bring them out the way they are. Their actions, their voices, their looks. It is hard to stop smiling when you watch them for the first time. I love them watching even now after watching their movies for quite a lot of times. And I am pretty much excited about their comeback in Minions. I have equally loved all the three trailers for this movie and I am really soon gotta hit the theater to see them in action.

They have shown some crazy, stupid and killing performances which I think could got us laugh easily. Apart from the despicable me series, there are a lot of mini movies about them and they are equal fun. I love minions as much as they do love banana. They do crazy things which I believe is what we should also do, once in a while. Without this fun, there is no fun in life. I had some minion moments with my friends in my final year of college which is quite hard to describe here. They have some memories, some sweet memories.

Let me know what do you think about minions and if you have already seen the movie, how much did you love it? I know there is no chance that you are gonna hate it 😉


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