Forces and their unification

There are four forces known that govern everything in this cosmos. Gravity, electromagnetic, strong and the weak force. We usually only feel the first two because the last two are responsible for activities at atomic level. Like the beautiful mass-energy equivalence given by Einstein, people believe that there should be a simple mathematical equation which can constitute all of these fundamental forces and that is how a unified theory can be achieved. However it has not been yet done. I have been quite amused by the symmetry that exists in many parts of nature. If I talk about mathematics, when I used to solve the maxima and minima problems, they usually occurred at symmetry. In physics, Newton’s third law is a beautiful example of how symmetry exists. This symmetry, this simplicity, has always been a thing of pondering for me. I also have this hope that no matter how complex one system is, it’s governing equations could be extremely simple.

Science is a beautiful subject. But sometimes, when it is expressed too scientifically, it becomes difficult to understand even for scientists themselves. Its language should be simple so that people could know it. Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone. This quotation of Einstein completely explains it well. But if science is this beautiful, then there should be a unification of these forces, after all these independent entities are keeping this cosmos together. We may not get this unified theory so soon. It may or may not exists. But if it exists and if we are able to find it, that would be a much greater example of how this cosmos which looks so complex, is yet so simple.


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