My Experience with Windows Mobile 10 Build 10149

It is less than a month now before Microsoft will release their Windows 10 for PC but it is not yet revealed when the same version of their “unified” OS will be available for the mobile users. In  the mean time, they are offering preview version of both of their PC and Mobile OS to test and to use. Recently, when I read (a lot) about the latest preview version, build 10149 of Windows Mobile 10, I was quite excited to use it. Since I was running WP8.1, I had to register for the Windows Insider program and after all the process, I finally had the same version on my L1320.

First things I noticed was its being so clean and much more beautiful than 8.1. Considering that it is still under development makes my hope high. I had previously used the first preview of WM10 but that was way too unstable than this.
One thing about my phone being a phablet, Microsoft is on its way to give better access for single hand usage to big screen phones. Their keyboard looks awesome to me as it can be hovered anywhere on the screen however the single hand usage of whole phone (by long pressing the home button) is quite awful as of now.

But in my opinion, this build is still not so good for me to use as my daily driver. There were a lot of random reboots either because of overheating or just randomly. App store is still partly developed. Perfect smoothness is still lacking somewhere. But this is not the end, I am pretty much excited for next preview builds considering the developments that have been done in the recent builds. It is marvelous.


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